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Wire Core
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Cable core number preferred color 2 no preferred chromatogram. 3 light green, brown, or light blue, black, brown. 4 light blue, black, brown, or light blue, black, brown, black or brown. 5 light blue, black, brown, black or brown; Or light blue, black, brown, black or brown, black or brown. (hint: the manufacturer may edit the color chromatogram according to the actual situation) when the insulator core adopts the digital mark, the insulation shall be arranged in the same color according to the number, except the yellow/green composite insulated core. Digital application Arabic digital printing on the surface of the insulation core, the digital color should be the same and with the insulation color contrast and clear handwriting; The digital signs shall be repeated at equal intervals along the insulated core, and the two adjacent sets of digital signs shall be reversed with each other. When the sign is composed of a single number, a dash shall be placed below the number. If the sign is composed of two Numbers, the dash shall be arranged up and down and placed below the subsequent number.

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